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¡Bienvenido(a), afiliado(a)! Pague su prima para mantener la cobertura que se merece en 2024. Pague ahora

¡Bienvenido(a), afiliado(a)! Pague su prima para mantener la cobertura que se merece en 2024. Pague ahora


October 2023 Sunflower Power Hour: Provider Training Opportunities

Fecha: 22/09/23

Join an upcoming Sunflower Power Hour hosted by our Provider Engagement Training Specialist. The October training sessions are open to all providers and your staff.  The sessions include:

  • KMAP website resources
  • Sunflower Health Plan website resources
  • Utilizing the Sunflower Provider Portal
  • How Provider Relations can support you

Pre-registration is required to attend the session(s):

We look forward to having you join us.

Virtual Session Reminders:

  • After pre-registering, you will be given the opportunity to save the session to your calendar of choice. You will also receive an email registration confirmation and reminder(s) to attend the session. When it is time for the session, you will select "Click Here to Join" the session. The link is unique to you, so please do not share your link with others. If others wish to attend, please send them the above registration links.
  • Technical details: To participate in the session, you will need a computer, tablet or smartphone. You will need speakers to hear the discussion and content for the session. There will be no video of attendees. Additionally, audio of attendees will be muted during the session.  If you join the session prior to the start time (recommended), you will receive a notice indicating you are waiting for the host. This feature allows those supporting the session to prepare behind the scenes. When we are ready, we broadcast to providers.
  • Please be prepared to virtually participate during the session using chat, raise your hand and polls.

Sunflower is dedicated to helping our community providers thrive and we look forward to having you join us.

If you have questions about this bulletin or other provider resources, please contact your Provider Relations Representative call us at the numbers below.