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Monthly Automated Supplemental Data Submission

Fecha: 20/09/23

A Message for ALL Providers. Please share with your Data Architects/IT and/or Health Information Management (HIM) teams.

Boost Quality Scores While Reducing Record Requests

Supplemental data allows patient encounters to be captured for gap closure that may not be submitted through claims processing.

Data for HEDIS measures would be shared from your EMR (electronic medical record) with Sunflower Health Plan via a secure sFTP site (secure file transfer protocol). A text file with data coming from your EMR would be created by your internal IT department and sent directly to Sunflower as a flat file transfer on a routine monthly basis.


  • Sunflower will coach your team on the creation and testing of files
  • Free service, including sFTP set up
  • Reduce the administrative burden of processing medical record requests
  • Reduce copy service vendor utilization, if applicable
  • Improve provider HEDIS scores by closing gaps in care   

Ready to get started? Need more information?

If your group is interested in learning more or have questions about the process, please reach out to your Provider Relations Representative and/or your Quality Practice Advisor for more information and next steps.

If you have questions about this bulletin or other provider resources, please contact your Provider Relations Representative call us at the numbers below.